Friday, February 03, 2006

I've Been Wanting To Do This For Ages

This week we rearranged Janelles bedroom, changing it from a little girls room into one that more befits a teenage student, complete with a desk, chest of drawers and a new wardrobe. Now as we live in a small three bedroom house, with each room occupied, my yarn stash and patterns have been cluttering up the boys bedroom for quite some time and each time I get on their case to tidy up their room I am met with protests of 'its all your stuff'. So of course I saw this wardrobe as a solution to all our problems, I get to put my knitting junk (some people have a nerve!!!) all in the one spot and it fits nicely in my bedroom and the boys get some much needed space back.

What do you think? How do you stack wool neatly? I don't have a problem at all do I??? There isn't that much here, I have seen some stashes that look like a yarn store. I must admit I do have a bit of an obsession with knitting books and patterns, I couldn't possibly ever knit 1/4 of them, even if I lived to be 100. I did give away a lot of my patterns from the 80's as I really could not see batwing sleeved, boatnecked, purple, pink and green combinations ever coming back into fashion and even if they did would I ever knit, let alone wear something like that again!!! Oh but I did not think that I would ever wear a poncho again but oh yes I had to knit one when that craze first hit.

Oh by the way am I the only knitting blogger on the planet at the moment who isn't entering the knitting olympics??? Everywhere I go I am reading about elite knitters getting into shape, training for the knitting event of the year but as every great event needs spectators, that is exactly where I will be, sitting in the stands cheering you all on. Can I still knit, I wonder????? If you would like to join me in the stands here are a couple of buttons I have made for us spectators.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

You know the drill if you want to pinch them right click and save and upload to your own server etc. etc. I found THIS SITE for making buttons which you don't need a degree in computing to work out.


2paw said...

Lucky Janelle!!! 3 bedroom houses aren't very big. All women need a room that is like the men's sheds - but inside the house. I keep my small stash in a very large storage tub - you just can't stcak it neatly, can you?!
Nope, I'm not Olympic Knitting either!! I'll watch with you!!!!!

Donna said...

I'm not olympic knitting, either! I think my stash is a little bigger than yours, and we live in a tiny little 2 bedroom villa!

Random Knits

Liz said...

Just wanted to say I'm not olympic knitting either. Seems we're pretty rare right now.

Katt said...

As a member of the Aussie part of the knit olympics I welcome the spectators! We nee the moral support in our time of need..

I will be doing the knitting olympics during one of the S'n'B meetings heading towards the end of it..So will need some support and encouragement by then.

My yarn is still kept in two big cardboard boxed in my sunroom...Mind you it gets a bit of sun on it so I might have to start covering it over before the yarn starts to fade :|


Cathy said...

I'm just a Knitting Olympics spectator as well.

Athletes need spectators to encourage and coach them.


Wool Winder said...

And I thought I was the only knitter not in the Knitting Olympics...looks like I'm in good company.

One day I would like to have a whole room to devote to knitting and sewing...not that I have that much would just be nice. I have my knitting "junk" in a cabinet something like yours. It's a start.

BlackCrow said...

I wanted to join and left posts here and there but had no reply...probably a good thing since I have far too much to do really and I still can't bring myself to knit on the bus.
Anyway I've been searching for the spectator buttons...I didn't know that I could make one thanks. Off I go.

JoanM said...

I wish my stash was so organised. It is in various places in two rooms.
I joined the wool shack forum, and I see you are a member. I often visit the knitters review forum, but I can't get inspired to post. It is too big and impersonal.

the stripey tiger said...

Hi Shaz, Happy blog birthday! Wsell done for sticking it out a year! Ta for your comments on my trip. I'm back and I have so much yarn it filled a huge bag. It will take me too long to photograph it all but I'll try. Nothing is much cheaper there though, I only saved on postage. Your feather and fan socks look neat-o and your yarn cupboard looks great - I think your stash looks quite acceptable. Not to big and with enough there to keep you going!! happy knitting :-) Stripey

Jessica said...

Every knitter needs a place to store their yarn and your wardrobe looks great. Any chance of adding shelves to the other side ??? It would make it easier to get to the books and patterns without the pile sliding over is all.

I'm not joining the knitting olympics either. But I'm more than happy to be a spectator and watch everyone else drive themselves crazy for 16 days :)

krisknits2 said...

I love how you have your stash organized. Mine is in a series of stackable drawers, which works okay until I make another yarn purchase. As I have joined the stash-along, this will be a while and hopefully I will clear out a bit of room before I make any more purchases.

HomeJewel said...

Thanks for the button and the site recommendation! I've added your button to my blog as well as my own new one! I'm struggling to knit right now as I have a new baby, so your button is perfect!