Monday, March 06, 2006

Hippo Sock #1

I finished the first POMATOMUS FROM KNITTY over the weekend, it is a wonderful sock pattern which I enjoyed knitting. Enough of a challenge to keep you thinking but not too complicated that you need to lock yourself away to be able to knit it. I will cast on #2 with not the slightest bit of 'I don't want to make another one' in fact I would possibly knit this again. However if I did it again I would have one less repeat as it is slightly longer than I would normally make my socks.

'Hippo' wasn't the only knitting I did over the weekend, I also made a couple of hats, the first hat is my own MUSE HAT this time I made it on size 6mm needles which was a better fit for me, I might even add one more pattern repeat next time also just to give it a little bit more length.

The second one is the CUP CAKE HAT which I have made before in a bigger size but thanks to WOOL WINDER who has written instructions for smaller hats using this pattern, I made one for a newborn baby.

I also am thinking of knitting the famous PANTA as I go walking with a friend once a week, in winter here in Tasmania that can be pretty cold so one of those to cover the ears would be great. The link for the Panta is over at the Panta Along site and who should be modelling their very own Panta? Our very own STRIPEY TIGER well done Sharon, it looks great, now I definately am going to make one.


2paw said...

Aren't our Hippos lovely??? I agree with you, this is one sock pattern with no second sock syndrome. Lovely hat - I must make myself one..but what colour!!!???
You are so kind to help with the whole button thing. I can do strile throughs, but not add a button!! I saw that Stripey Tiger was making a Panta!! Aren't the Cup Cakes divine???!!!
I know I am right out of my comfort zone with the colours, which is why I am doing a Red Christmas thing to ease myself in!!!

Shelley said...

Your sock and hats are simply great! I LOVE the colour of the sock! I'm going to have to try that pattern and the muse hat pattern as well!!

Katt said...

I LOVE the hippo socks! The colours are great!

I also love the hats..

Panta looks nice. I could see you wearing one of those too!


Laura said...

I love the sock, Sharon! I also want to try your muse hat for my daughter in law....she loves it! I'll let you know when I start it, since I'm sure I'll have questions. :)

Laura said...
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Wool Winder said...

Lovely socks and the hats are cute too!

Michelle said...

ooh...the colours of the socks are you sweet and pretty!!! and the hat is very cute too!! probably when i know how to knit in circular needles the i'll try it out.


trek said...

That is one cool sock!