Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Will Try Again

I tried adding the following photo in my previous post but Blogger has been a little bit disagreeable of late and would only let me upload the one pic. I am not going to whinge as you get what you pay for!!!

Here is the beanie that a lady in my favourite book store asked me to make for her sons birthday, wrapped and ready to be delivered. I can tell you that she was very pleased with it and she actually paid me for it, YAY money for doing what I love. The yarn is 6o% wool and 40% acrylic which I bought off ebay and the pattern is from
THIS PATTERN BOOK and is a k1 p1 rib beanie in 8ply.

I am feeling much better now and can face next week with a lot more energy than what I had this past week, which is just as well as my auntie is coming over from Victoria to stay with us so I will be giving my house the big 'spring clean' so that I can spend the following week relaxing with her and not having to worry about the dust etc.

Yesterday we had the dress fitting and I was pleasantly surprised that it had to be taken in, I was so worried that it would have to be let out. They are beautiful dresses and Janelle looked absolutely lovely in hers.

Our knitting group had our first market stall yesterday and from what I can gather a lot of lookers/fondlers but not too many buyers but hopefully as the weather gets cooler so will the buyers and they will be in need of a nice warm woollie or two. Cindy has a photo of our humble little stall over on her BLOG if you want to go take a peek. Oh well that is all for now, hopefully the order from Bendigo turns up tomorrow so that I can start my cabled shrug as mentioned in the previous post.


Rachael said...

Please can you knit my birthday beanie, I'm having a few (!) issues....
Can't wait to see the cabled shrug underway, it will look fantastic and just right for winter.
Hope the visit goes well!

Katt said...

Ooooh I have that book!! Now I wonder where it is!?! LOL. I have considered knitting a few things from that. Might have to give a few a try for the market if I can find the book.


fitknit said...

I'm not surprised she paid for the beanie, it looks very professional in its little bag.

Hope your Bendy order arrives tomorrow. I love waiting for mail order. (yes, I should get out more)

Knittinreed said...

I am glad blogger is co-operating again. It sure has been squirrely.
Your beanie is so beautifully knit and packaged. I love the color, but then you know I am partial to blue.
How cool that your dress had to be taken in. You go girl! I think everything I own needs to be let out.
I am glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your auntie's visit -

Suzi said...

Ah Sharon!

I thought I had your e-mail address but I can't find it.

I have all your items that didn't sell, poor Katt missed out on a set of stitch markers she wanted. If you make another set I'm pretty sure there would be a definite sale there.

What I was going to say to you was I can keep everything ready for this Saturday, but I have4 something you may want back before then. I'll be at work between 1pm-4:30pm today.


2paw said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Wow! You over estimated your size as well : Isn't it an excellent feeling!!! Lovely beanie!!
Happy cleaning, at least it's cool. It is raining no. How lovely!!!

Zippianna said...

It was almost too warm to knit today, as we are heading into summer soon here; we have two seasons, a wet and a dry, and it can be summer in either one within days of being winter in either one. Soooo confusing!

You got paid real money for knitting. I love it! That's the way to get more yarn, and your stitch markers are very lovely, too.

Hope you enjoyed the visit with your auntie.