Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Non Knitting Post

As I started this blog as a knitting blog I always post about my knitting first and foremost, any other subjects are added later, even my beloved family. But today that changes, my Rocky was mauled by a brute of a cat, a cat that was trespassing in my little fellows yard. He has only started going outside the last few days and this big bad cat from over the back fence was in OUR yard and attacked Rocky viciously. He has huge puncture marks on his body and is feeling very sick, sore and sorry for himself. I took him to the vet and he gave him a shot and has put him on antibiotics to help with infection. He is limping badly because the big bad cat damaged his sciatic nerve(sp?)

He will be OK but I feel better now for coming here and venting a bit of anger!!!


amanda j said...

Poor little kitty. Lots of love will help him heal.

Michelle said...

aww...poor coco had a very bad bruised on her eye :( momo was playing too rough with her and must have bite her too hard on the eye lid :(

i didnt have the heart to post about that but she's doing fine now. took her to the vet on monday (which was a public holiday - 20% surcharge!!!)

she's doing great. she's my tough little girl.


Katt said...

Poor Rocky!!! What a horrid cat!

I hope he feels a lot better real soon!

Our next door neighbours DOG use to chase our cat in our own backyard!! He stopped it when I absolutely hollered at him for doing it one day! It made the bloody neighbour come out too to see what I was yelling at.


Liz said...

Poor baby! i would be infuriated if that happened to one of my furry kids.

2paw said...

Poor Rocky, I hops he is feeling better. Aniamals heal quite quickly, thank goodness...I think cats should be registered, like dogs have to be, to make irresponsible owners accountable for their pets' actions.
The Labradors send their love!!!!

Shelley said...

Oh poor kitty!! I hate when cats get hurt! I hope Rocky feels a lot better soon!

jacqueline said...

now that just makes me mad! if the other cat was a dog it would have been put down.

sending rocky lots of hugs!

Kylie said...

Poor little rocky i hope he feels better soon.

Two years ago nothing got attacked by 2 dogs in our yard, they ripped both of his back legs open missing his bowel by 1cm, 2 operations and $1000- later he is fine. The 2 dogs are well know in this neighbourhood they have killed a number chickens and 1 cat that i know of. It makes me so angry that people do not take responsibility for there pets.I hope every thing works out well.