Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stitch Marker Swap

I recently participated in a stitch marker swap over at KNITTERS REVIEW FORUMS where we each sent stitch markers to two people. These are what I received from JULIA and EVELYN, aren't they just beautiful. They will look just lovely on my needles, thankyou, you are both very talented people. Also a huge big thanks to LAINE for going to all the trouble of organising this it was a lot of fun.

I have a cold at the moment which as usual has gone to my chest and is making me feel very miserable, to add to this our weather is so cold in the mornings it makes you feel ten times worse. But I have found a great pick me up that works a treat, I ordered some lovely wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills, my favourite woollen mill here in Australia. I have ordered some for KATT too as it is postage free when your order is over $25.00. I ordered 1kg each of green tweed, midnight tweed and russet all in 12ply from their Rustic range and for KATT some cream baby wool, which is no doubt destined to become a lovely kool-aid coloured creation. I am going to be making the Cabled Shrug from Interweave Knits fall 2005 issue in one of them, whichever one grabs me the most when they arrive but I am leaning towards the russet as it is a deep rich rust colour, beautiful. There was a lot of discussion over at KR about this shrug, some loved it some hated it, I personally love it. It is a lot bigger and baggier than the traditional shrugs which really lets be honest look a lot nicer on size 10 small busted women, and as I definately do not fall into that category, I think this one will suit my 'bazookas' better ;) I will post pics of the yarn as soon as it arrives and maybe you can help me decide which colour, till then happy knitting.


Katt said...

The yarn is destined to become dyed sock yarn! lol I am getting a great collection of yarn to dye I can tell you (I have a big lot sitting here at home 2 x 400g that is waiting for my time).

I have gotten a small cold too! And both the girls are all sneazy and snotty this morning. Not fun.


2paw said...

You poor thing - Colds are awful, but you will be better in 7 days or a week, whichever comes first!!!
Can't wait to see the new wool. I have 5 lots of green wool waiting to be knitted already, so I really don't need any at the moment - I am having green sock wool. I am always on a budget!!! otherwise I would be sleeping on a mound of green wool!!!
Oh, how did the whole aviator hat 'replacement' mission pan out????

Laura said...

Love your hat and the cute markers. I've been so involved with my template, I haven't even logged onto KR recently....that'll have to change. I'm knitting, I'm knitting, honest! xx

Katie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Those are pretty sparklies, lucky you.

Wool Winder said...

Pretty markers! I especially like the Texas one since that's where I live. Feel better soon.

Michelle said...

hmm...i couldnt find the stitch marker swap thingy in KR forum...oh well

that hat is simply gorgeous!! i've been so busy i havent knit much lately :(

anyway...the weather is really cold lately. do keep yourself warm and take care!!


JoanM said...

You have my sympathy. I just got over a virus I caught on holidays. I hate it when you can't sleep at night unless dosed up on Benadryl and Sudafed.

Cathy said...

Hope the cold's getting better.

Your stitch markers looked really nice on the stall today.

Looooove the ones that you got in the swap. Lucky you.