Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shazza Is A Happy Little Vegemite

Our knitting group/coven had our humble little stall at the Yorktown Square market today and a great day was had chatting with SANDRA, SUZI and CINDY, we are all a bunch of talkers when we get together and the topic usually revolves around knitting. A bit of knitting was also done, the 60's cable jumper which is my no brainer knitting on the needles at the moment, I need to have that as the cabled shrug is a must concentrate knit, grew a bit.

The reason I am a happy little vegemite is that two pairs of my socks sold, yippeeee!!! My faith in the market has definately been restored, especially as the organisers didn't charge us for our spot today, because of Easter not all the usual stall holders were there, so it was entirely up to us whether we went or not.

This of course means that I must whip up a couple of pairs of socks to replace what was sold. I am using 8ply so that they will knit up quickly and hopefull will have them finished by next weeks market.


Wool Winder said...

Congratulations on selling your socks! Now to show my ignorance, I have to ask...What is Vegemite?

trek said...

Vegemite: gah!

Socks: amazing - you SOLD socks?! I cannot even imagine...

Larjmarj said...

I tried vegemite....ONCE.
I'm pretty sure it's made from sheep's earwax.
But I know you folks in the other hemisphere love it.
You can have mine ;-)

Laura said...

Those lucky feet....they're probably wearing your socks as we speak...congrats! :)

Shelley said...

Congrats at selling your socks! What a thrill that must be!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Wow It could be the start of greater things!
What sort of socks did you sell,4ply or 8ply?
I have just done a bit more dyeing and have plans to do a sock where the knit one, slip one pattern for heel,is carried over the bottom of foot to the toe for a house slipper style. It feels very cushiony so thought its worth a try!
LONG LIVE VEGIMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can't image life without,DH reckons a teaspoon of it and a glass of milk before a night out on the town is the best defence against a hangover!!!

2paw said...

I loved your 60's cable jumper!! I forgot to look at the Beatles bag!!! It was nicer weather at the market this week, and what a lot of selling!!!

Jan said...

Well done on selling socks! Lots of work entailed, even with 8 ply.

I made your muse hat, picture on my blog. I love it. Looks great, really easy and quick. I used the Patons Jet, wool/alpaca mix.

Yummy vegemite on buttery toast and it's the only thing I will ever put on crumpets!
Thanks for the pattern and happy knitting,

Cathy said...

Vegemite on crumpets?

I used to eat vegemite quite a bit until I found "PROMITE" but DH looooooooooooves his vegemite.

Congrats on selling 2 pair of socks. I'm pleased that my childs gloves sold as they were made from leftover Patonyle after making a pair of socks.

See ya' tomorrow.


Suzi said...

Knit! Knit! I am going to be one of those Egyption slave drivers out of Moses and crack my whip at you till you knit those socks.

NO talking! Knit! Knit! Crack crack!

fitknit said...

Congrats on the sale!
I'll have to let knitwitq know next time I see her as she thought alot of your stall during her visit to Tassie!

Jessica said...

Lucky lucky sock owner(s). One little question though........ How do you bear to part with socks once you have made them??? By the time I ever finish a pair I don't want them to go to anyone else.

Knittinreed said...

Congratulations! Those must be some happy feet that received your socks.
And ... so what is Vegamite? Is that something we can get in the States? Or is it something we want to get here?

CateK said...

I'm a strange American, but I'm married to a Brit and have come to really like a thin smear of Vegemite on a bit of toast with tea in the morning. Very high in the B vitamins.

As to selling your socks. Well done! Just curious, and if you would share, how much do you get for a pair?