Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Candy Cane Hat

I knitted this little number yesterday, a nice quick knit. It is the Candy Cane Hat from Handknit Holidays. I used Heirloom 8ply machine washable wool on 3.5mm needles.

Still plugging away at the items posted previously and a new project is now being organised. I am doing a swap with someone and my part of the swap is to knit her a pair of socks, as she is a pink girl I thought no worries I will knit them in Opal pink self patterning yarn. Think again, I have searched every LYS in Australia, that are on line at least anyway and no joy. The pink I was after is no longer available, so after asking on a couple of knitting forums if anyone had a ball in their stash they could swap or sell me, someone was able to help and so now a ball is on its way to me, thanks Donna. So what am I getting in return for knitting these socks? For now it is a secret and all will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!!!

Yesterday was stitch and bitch and as always a great day was had by all, we had a new lady turn up, I hope you liked our little group Caroline. Thanks to Katt and Cindy some of us got some new knitting bits and pieces.

Some Regia sock yarn in the clown colourway, Knit Simple magazines and my favourite sock needles in the whole world, Clover bamboo 2.5mm. I know a lot of knitters now choose to knit their socks on circulars but for me I still love the feel of DPNs when knitting socks.


Jennifer said...

I love the candy cane hat! So cute.

Fun regia color as well. I look forward to see how that knits up.

Michelle said...

i just bought that same knit simple magazine too!!! haha!! ^_^


2paw said...

Oh, the candy cane hat looks great!! What a lot of lovely spoils we all collected yesterday. Thanks for the sewing up help too!!! I really appreciated it, even if I lost concentration at times!!!

fitknit said...

Love the had, Sharon,

Glad to read you got hold of that yarn you were after.

Katie said...

I think the hat should be renamed the Bah Humbug hat, cause it reminds me of the humbugs you can get from Soverign Hill.

Suzi said...

I was very impresed watching knit that hat yesterday at SNB.

I can see better how the "floats" are supposed to go when I retackle the skull wrist warmer.

Temptation was too great and I started the first sock for a pair of Jaywalkers last night on my new bamboo needles.
It was so worth the wait to find them and buy them! Now if only someone local would stock them, there so nice!


JoanM said...

Wow you are busy as ever Sharon. I am just plugging away on a jumper for Rowan. My life is in chaos with the renovations.

Knit and Tink said...

Cute, cute hat!

Glad you found the opal yarn. My favorite dpns are the Addis, have you ever tried them? I like the circs, though.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi Sharon,glad you found the Flamingo,I was just about to email you with a suggestion! I was looking at buying the full set of Rainforest but as they had run out of Camillian(heavons my spelling is out this morning)they are offering any other Rainforest to replace and I thought of you! But you have been lucky to find one so not sure which one I will pick now, oh what fun!!!!!

Shelley said...

That is so great that someone is able to send you a ball of the yarn you were looking for.

The hat is cute! You did a great job on it.

Love the goodies you got. The colours of the yarn look like such happy colours, and I suppose they should be if the colour way is called "clown". The magazine to the left in the picture, I have got a copy of that as well, and I want to try making some of those flowers...haven't gotten around to it yet though.

Katt said...

That little hat is so cute! You did a good job of it! Its still reminds me of one I saw online that has matching socks


Zippianna said...

Love that little hat. I think my grand nieces would love it, too.

I love that pattern on the shrug, and congrats on getting your opal yarns and that regia. Agree with you on DPNs.. Just LOVE them. =0)

Wool Winder said...

Really cute hat!

DPNS are my favorite too. I don't think I'll ever switch to circulars for small items like socks. No real advantage in it for me.

Leeanne said...

I really like your candy cane hat. Very cute.