Thursday, May 25, 2006

Captain Underpants ???

I was visiting BERNIES BLOG and discovered the most funniest name game, Captain Underpants name game, anyone heard of Captain Underpants?? Well anyway my new name after playing this little game is SNOTTY PICKLE TUSH don't quite know what to make of that one, Bernies was probably more suited to moi, a merlot drinker. If you would like to find your new hilarious name head on over TO BERNIES.

Thanks for your comments on Panta and I am obviously NOT the last person to knit this. Janelles lacy jumper is coming along nicely and I have finished the front and the back and I am now working on the sleeves. I am knitting them both at once so that the shaping will match, well that is the plan anyway, he he.


2paw said...

Mrs MacGyver has read a Captain Underpants book to her class a few years ago. It is by all accounts an excellent series - there are 8 offical books and some extras too!!
I like your 2 sleeve plan. I like to knits fronts on cardis and sleevs together when there is a pattern so they are BOTH THE SAME, not that I'm obsessive or anything!!! I can't do my name as it is rude. I think it must be an American game, some words just don't have the same meaning here!!!

Cathy said...

I usually knit both the sleeves and both the fronts of a cardigan together to get the shaping the same on both so I don't think it's obsessive.

My Captain Underpants name is "buttercup waffle f***y" (rude word for Cindy) which was enlightening as I haven't read any of the Captain Underpants books.

Have I been missing out on anything worth reading?


Jennifer said...

Poopsie Gizzard Nose here. Ewww....

Katt said...

Flunky Chuckle Buns reporting for duty!

I remember doing that Captain Underpants thing a few years ago when I had a child based msn group. It got a lot of laughs from other mothers when they did it!

Cant wait to see the goings of Janelles Jumper.


Fifi said...

Heh..I am Pinky Gerbil Buns. Katt, it seems we are related!

I looked up 2paws name and was all "that's not so ba- oh!" I am pretty sure there was a character called that in an Enid Blyton book and it caused much amusement when I was at school.

craftybernie said...

Glad you had fun. Being a kid's book I imagine the F***y word is safe to use as it means bottom in America. So go on, say it, liberate yourself.

Lumpy Toilet Chunks

the stripey tiger said...

Sharon your panta looks great. They are a quick satisfying knit aren't they! All your jumpers look fab! One day I hope to have that kind of knitting stamina! :-) Stripey

fitknit said...

Oh, Sharon,
I had a feeling in my waters we were related, and, guess what???
I am Greasy Toilet Tush.
I'm probably that long, lost cousin you don't talk about and when we meet at wedding, you don't make eye contact. Gotta love families!!!!

Suzi said...

Sandra D and I are Snotty Gerbil Buns Senior and Junior apparently.


P.S. I was looking at Melani's site, is it US dollars on her site?