Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Quo

This is totally non knitting related but I have to share my other obsession with everyone, my love of music. Why you may be asking?? Well I have long been a huge Status Quo fan and have all their albums on vinyl, of course, I have seen them live and Rick Parfitt has even touched my hand. It was even Mr Brickies resemblance to Rick Parfitt that first attracted me to him some 23 years ago, I hope he doesn't read this as he will be mortified to know that it wasn't his charming personality that won me over!!

Well anyway, my two favourite albums of Status Quo are Quo (1974) and Blue For You (1976).

I was searching ebay the other day and found this cd which had both albums on it. It is now mine, all mine and I can now listen to my two favourite Quo albums without the annoying scratches that you get with vinyl and I don't have to keep changing the record over.

They may be old men now but in their day they knew how to play music, normal knitting blogging will resume later, I have some loud music to go listen to.


2paw said...

Down down deeper and down etc
I remember them, their hair and sideburns very well!! I remember on Countdown when all the lights in their name refused to light up. Excellent Ebay buy!!!!
The HoE socks are Patonyle!!!
(Word verification?? LOW!!!!!!)

metal and knit said...

Rock on

good music = good knitting

I have to have a good driving beat to knit with even if its just a song in my head

fitknit said...

Don't you just love it when technology (and ebay) catches up with your personal taste?

trek said...

Electric new look!

BlackCrow said...

That's so funny!!
I was never a Status Quo fan, I have to admit. SEX PISTOLS, and THE CLASH still do it for me ;)
But don't you think that the sound quality of those vinyl's are far better than cd's?
I think even though you get that bit of noise to them the sound is warmer and fuller. CD's are far too clean. Can you tell I live with a musician?

Procrastiknitter said...

YAY! Isn't it great when you find a great music find! I found a Lynyrd Skynyrd Greatest Hits albumn for $1 the other day. I was stoked!

Suzi said...

Ebay is a slavation toa ocllector of anything. It is my bastion of hop efor such things as Matt Hardy action figures....theres even one in a Skull and Crossbones top!

I tried locating Alice Cooper merchandise leading up to and after his concerts here but no luck. Almost managed to get posters advertsing the cocert here but just missed out. I should have got in quick when some businesses had them up and seeen if they were availabe.

JoanM said...

Wow congrats on the ebay purchase. I have found the computer so I may be blogging again. I love the felted bag. I was going to do some and collected patterns off the net but other things got in the way. Love the pink cardi

Larjmarj said...

I love eBay for finding just about anything, even yarn. Whan they laughed me out of the local fabric store when looking for a wooden sock darner.....eBay.

My hub is more in to the 70's stuff, though I do love Alice Cooper & older Pink Floyd.

msfortuknit said...

Dont you love it when you score like that?