Monday, August 08, 2011

New Tea Cosies

Someone recently commented to me 'that nothing beats a handknitted tea cosy for keeping your tea warm but they are oh so daggy'! Well this sent me on a quest to create a handknitted tea cosy that would look good in the most modern of kitchen. While I had an idea in mind it wasn't until I was browsing Loani Priors Really Wild for Tea Cosies that I saw a base shape similar to what I had in mind. So not wanting to tread on copyright toes, emailed the lovely Loani and asked if I could use the shape of her Short Black with Two. She granted me permission and so with a few simple changes to get the look I was after my new modern knit tea cosy range was born, thank you Loani!

I unveiled them at a local market on the weekend and sold one, received an order for another so I was very pleased and relieved as it is always like sharing a bit of your soul when you put your work out there to the public.

Finally but certainly not least, a pair of fingerless mitts made from the gorgeously soft Filatura di crosa Zara, while a bit expensive it is well worth it as the stitch definition is amazing and comes in a great colour range, they are available made to order.

till next time, happy knitting!


Lynne said...

That certainly was very nice of Loani.

Congratulations on a successful design and implementation.

Ann said...

That's a nice & modern design. Love the mittens.