Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Secret Santa Project Revealed

Yesterday was our knitting groups Christmas breakup and a great time was had by all. It was also time to give out our Secret Santa presents. So I can now reveal the project that I had to be secretive about, remember the box. Well I can now reveal that this was the project hiding inside.

The Mason Dixon log cabin afghan was what took up a great deal of my time, I enjoyed every minute of this project and I even would like to make another one someday. This one is now residing at Ms Stashs and there will be a certain cat who will love it too I am sure.

So who was spoiling me this year? The lovely and very talented Cathy. She made the most gorgeous scarf, in my favourite colour. It is made with a technique called broomstick crochet, it will get a lot of wear when our cold weather returns next winter. Also she included some yummy coffee from Hudsons and she even thought of Rocky and included a couple of toys for him to play with, thankyou so much Cathy.

I have four squares left to do for the lizard ridge afghan and I am also making a couple of hats for my etsy shop. My children finish school tomorrow so that will mean a lot more noise but at least all the running around involved with school and school activites will finish for a couple of months. So till next time,
happy knitting.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fifteen Down, Nine To Go

Fifteen squares of the Lizard Ridge Afghan completed and nine more to go. I am really going to get stuck into them over the next few days as I would love to have this finished by Christmas!! Nothing like putting a deadline on your knitting is there. I must say that I love knitting these squares even if the thought of sewing them all together is a bit daunting. I am seriously considering making version 2 of this pattern but instead of using Noro I would simply choose two contrasting colours of 12 ply. Noro is a lovely wool but I have been somewhat disappointed with the over use of a certain colour, which I have whinged about several times now so wont go on about it anymore but I think the evidence is clear in the above photo.

Took part in a car boot sale over the weekend, the spot cost me $5 and I sold some stash, just bits and pieces of yarn left over from previous projects. Also some pieces of Tupperware from my days as a demonstrator and would you believe that I came home $206 richer, yippee. Will this be spent on more wool you ask? Normally that would be a yes but no not even something that is knit related, an autoharp is going to be heading my way. I learnt to play one in high school, not very well I must admit, but they are not too difficult to play and it has been on my to do list for quite a few years now. The old saying of never being too old to learn or something like that, so wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my musical frustrations.