Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leg Warmers

Isn't it funny how fashion goes in cycles, everything comes back into fashion eventually, even that blast from the 1980's, leg warmers! Yes I have to admit that on my first date with my now husband, I wore a pair of black skinny jeans and pale pink leg warmers and a little pair of ballet flats. I thought I was the essence of cool, way back in 1984, especially with the long spiral perm happening.

Well I have made some faux leg warmers, faux because unlike my pink ones they are much shorter in length and really if I'm honest, they aren't really leg warmers at all, they are boot cuffs. Designed to be worn under your long boots with enough peeking out to give the illusion that underneath is a long length leg warmer.

After all that reminiscing I now have the urge to make some authentic 1980's leg warmers, but I think my pink days are well and truly behind me, so another colour they will have to be.