Saturday, July 07, 2007

And The Winner Is..............

Larjmarj! I mean how could I go past 'Polly Styrina'. Now I know that you have made a couple of Muse hats so maybe you would like a newsgirl cap, but if you would like another Muse hat then that is ok too, I will be in touch to discuss the details. A big thankyou to everyone who entered, of course if you really would like one of my Muse Hats they are of course available for purchase in my Etsy store

Now you all know that I have a huge dislike for the colour purple but look at what I made this week.

Just because I wouldn't wear it doesn't mean that out there somewhere is a lover of purple who would love to add it to their wardrobe.

I also made another Newsgirl Cap, this one in a winter grey colour. I should call it Tasmania because it is exactly what our sky looks like at the moment, which is all a bit sad. The other hat is a Flapper hat which is a customer order which is about to be making its way over to the US.

So that is about it for now, till next time happy knitting.