Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not Just Any Old Scarf

My 6 year old nephew came up to me last week and asked me if I could knit him a scarf. He told me the three colours he wanted in it and I am sure he was probably expecting a typical tri-colour striped scarf but of course I wanted to come up with something a little different. I decided to knit it sideways and instead of adding a normal fringe I chose i-cords instead which added a little something extra to the plain garter stitch. What do you think?

Now Janelle has put an order in for one but hers is to be much longer and in brown and blue tones to match her favourite pair of shoes, oh joy! No seriously I love it when my children ask me to make something for them as these days they like the store bought things and mums creations aren't as cool anymore.

Hopefully I can get it made before my new yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills turns up for my new project. You may remember that I made this a couple of winters back in a green shade. Well I love it so much that I am going to make it in redcurrant from Bendy, a rustic red colour. I really am in awe of Joan McGowan-Michael and her designs, there is a great article in the latest Interweave Knits about her. Oh well I am off now to cast on for Janelles scarf, till next time happy knitting.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Slow Progress

Yes that would be me sewing a few more sections of Lizard Ridge together. The temperature is dropping and it will only be a matter of time before ol' Shazza is laying back on the couch sipping a merlot and want the warmth of a nice blanky to wrap around her. So I am trying to get it finished before I get to that point. Please tell me if I ever get the urge to make this or anything like it in the future just how much I hate sewing up knitting, I would rather be knitting. To top it all off it has to have a crochet edge around it as well and there are lots of annoying little ends to be sewn in also! But I am motivated, really I am, watch this space for developments.

Speaking of knitting, I have finished another Newsgirl Cap and this is now for sale over at My Shop. I hope to add a few more over the next few weeks so keep checking to see what is available.

The kids are back to school on Monday after having their Easter break so normal programming will resume, as in I can get near the computer occasionally without a screaming match and the house will no longer resemble a war zone. Well that is the plan anyway. Till next time, happy knitting.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Great Customer Service

I consider it a knitting bloggers duty to give credit when a manufacturer or store gives great customer service and I had just such an experience this week. You see it all started with this:

Oh dear these just weren't any old needle either they were my casein needles which to me are of equal quality to my old faithful tortoiseshells. These needles are made from a natural dairy product, the name casein is defined as protein of milk, the basis of cheese and if you put these little babies in your mouth there is a sour milk taste!

Anyhow these needles come with a lifetime guarantee, just like Tupperware, they break they replace. So I sent off my sad little needle and yesterday I received these in the mail.

So a huge big thanks to Swallow Needle Company and if anyone else is in the look out for some nice needles I can highly recommend this companys products and their service.

Now onto my knitting projects, well there have been many new hats and things since I last posted and if I post a picture of everything today you will curse me for all the photos so I will show a couple of them and if you want to check them all out they are all over at my Etsy shop.

The first one is my girly take on the newsboy cap which I call a Newsgirl Cap and the second is a simple headband which has been in my head for a while and I finally got around to making one up and seeing if it worked, I think it turned out ok. Not much else to report other than busy getting ready for Easter and if I don't get back here before then I wish everyone who reads this a very happy and blessed Easter, God bless xx