Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pink and a bit of Mary Tyler Moore

There seems to be a bit of pink happening at Shazzas lately!  The first is a hat I made to give to a local lady who shaved her hair off for a cancer fundraiser.  It is another version of my flapper style hat.
A pink modern vintage crochet scarf, which seems to be a contradiction of terms but it is a style I am seeing everywhere, I would call it vintage as I remember the style from the 70's whereas in 2012 it is definately modern!  A lovely scarf to snuggle into on a cold dreary day just the same.   
And as the title of this blog post suggests, a bit of Mary Tyler Moore.  A customer requested this little gem and I had an absoloute ball making it, I can imagine in other colours it would be lovely, but it wouldn't be a Mary Tyler Moore hat?!?