Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Good News Is .....

That I have finished all 24 squares, yippee!

The bad news is that they now have to be blocked, ends sewed in and of course all sewn together. Wish me luck because the part I hate most about knitting is finishing, but I keep telling myself that the end result will be worth it. This has taken me longer to knit than I had planned, it is just that our weather down here in Launceston has been a killer. Sure our temperatures don't get to the high 30's and even 40's, like some parts of Australia but the low 30's here are not pleasant at all, the humidity saps every bit of energy out of you and knitting becomes near impossible. Well that is my excuse anyway because I know some of the knitting coven have still been managing to churn out plenty of FO's.

I am off to the ironing board, yes I am going to block these little babies into submission with a steam iron and damp tea towel and then sew *sigh* till next time, happy knitting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Project Spectrum

After all the fun some of my fellow knitting group members had last year with
Project Spectrum I have decided to join this time around. I figure that I can always knit socks or hats in any of the colours if it isn't a colour I would normally choose to use.

If you head on over to
Shazzas Patterns you will notice that it has been given a face lift thanks to the very talented Michelle thanks Michelle I now have matching blogs. Speaking of blogs I am now with the new Blogger and it seems to be a lot more user friendly than the old version.

Two squares left to do and the knitting part of Lizard Ridge will be finished then the dreaded sewing up and the crochet edge is all that will be left, the end is in sight.

Till next time, happy knitting.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Am Still Here

Yes it has definately been quite some time since I have blogged! I get so snowed under before Christmas and of course after when the kids and Mr Brickie are on holidays. I have to compete with four others for the computer which is near impossible let me tell you. We have also had a lovely time away at Coles Bay which was so relaxing even if the weather was a bit cold.

Did I finish Lizard Ridge before Christmas? I have to admit that I didn't but I only have 4 squares left to do. I have been working on hats and of course learning how to play the autoharp. I practice for around an hour a day so that also eats into my knitting and blogging time. It sure is fun and I had forgotten how much fun playing it is, I had to start from scratch but it soon all came back to me and besides it is a very easy instrument to play.

I don't really have any FO's to show except for one 1920's style flapper hat that has sold at my Etsy shop.

and these cute little guys that were left over from the car boot sale that I sold some things at.

They are also listed over at Etsy. So there you have it really the holiday life of Sharon, Ashley is hovering around me as I write this looking to see when I will be off so he can go and battle Pokemon. Mr Brickie is back to work on Monday so a little bit more of a routine will be back into our household. Till next time, happy knitting.