Monday, February 25, 2008

Cupcake Fingerless Mitts

I have finished Janelles Cupcake Fingerless Mitts which have been so much fun to knit that I will be dipping back into the frosting mixture again for sure. Karen is such a lovely person and her patterns are full of great tips and tutorials, I am going to be making a pair of her handpainted gloves I just need to search the stash for the right wool.

I hurriedly finished them last night so that Janelle could take them on her school camp this week, so hopefully they will come back in one piece so that I can take a photo of her wearing them as they look much better being worn. You can really let yourself go with the embroidery of these and colour combinations which is what I love, no two pairs would be the same. Janelle only wanted strawberries on hers which did make life a bit easy for me as embroidery is not one of my strong points.

I have picked up the bush shirt again and will concentrate on that for the time being, my Etsy shop is well stocked and all of the orders completed so now a bit of 'me' knitting time. I am basing the shirt loosely on this old Patons knitting pattern and hopefully it will be like a big old shirt, but warm, to wear over tops in winter.

I can also reveal the dishcloth that I made for a lovely knitter in the ACT in the dishcloth and soap swap on Ravelry, she has received it so it isn't a secret anymore.

Oh well that is about all for now so till next time, happy knitting.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To School They Go

Yes there is a big grin on Shazzas face at the moment as I have my house back, not to mention the peace and quiet. No seriously it has not been bad at all, I remember last year I was ready to throttle them by the end of the holidays but another year older and they seem to be able to get along better.

I have taken on the job of co ordinating the schools uniform shop, I have done it before in their previous school but it was on a much smaller scale. So this past week has been extremely hectic, I even had to miss the knitting coven which didn't impress me much as we were meeting at the cock and bull which is an old English style pub.

Look at Polly, doesn't she look cool in her sunnies and bucket hat! Ready for a day at the beach or shopping with friends.

Another Purl Beret, this one in Tuscan Red from Bendigo Woollen Mills, just the thing to wear when sipping your own glass or red.

Both hats have been added to My Etsy shop which has been keeping me busy, I am currently working on four orders. They always seem to come in batches, Murphy's Law I guess.

Oh well till next time, happy knitting