Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Hate Purple

So why on earth have I knitted this? Just because I don't like it doesn't mean that someone else wont. I have been knitting lots of hats lately filling up
My Etsy Shop for winter. Yes I know that I shouldn't mention that dreadful word yet as it does seem far away. I have been getting quite a few orders from family and friends so that has been keeping me busy also which explains my absence from blogland.

Not much else to report other than Lizard Ridge is still staring at me from the knitting basket waiting patiently to be sewn, there is a reason why I have never made blankets with squares before!

I am going away this weekend with my GEMS girls so I wont be doing a great deal of knitting or autoharp playing either for that matter. I am addicted to this instrument and probably driving everyone around here mad with it. I have already got my eye on one of these which would be great to own but at the moment it is only a dream. I think a lot of hats would have to be sold before I could afford one and even if I could getting it here would cost an arm and a leg also.

Oh well that is about all for now till next time,
happy knitting.