Friday, March 07, 2008

I Have Crossed Over......

Yes learning to crochet, after all these years! I tried last year but gave up but this year I have promised myself a scarf and so far so good, I think it is coming along okay for a beginner. I am finding the first round the hardest for some reason and once I get into the secound round it is easier, but when compared to my memories of my early knitting attempts it is much easier and as yet I haven't hurled it across the living room! I am using the Patons Learn To Crochet and the scarf is made from Patons Inca on a nice big 8mm crochet hook so it grows quickly!

Another scarf, this one is in my Etsy shop and was inspired by a big bowl of freshly picked raspberries topped with fresh cream, yum! I have started another one which will be coffee latte, after my favourite day time beverage, hmmmm note to self must make a merlot one.

I have lots of WIPS at the moment which I will reveal over the next few weeks, all going well, oh well till next time, happy knitting.