Monday, November 12, 2007

Not Another Hat!!

That is how I feel sometimes when I come here to blog, it is all about hats! Don't get me wrong, I love my hats and I am very proud of them and all, I just fear that my blog is becoming all about hats and nothing else.

Well today I can actually post about something else, gloves. You may remember how last time I mentioned that I was working on a glove pattern, well here is a photo of the first pair.

These were made from a lovely soft yarn called Boutique from Bendigo Woollen Mills it consists of 65% Wool, 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool and 10% Mohair in coffee brown. I used 4mm needles which resulted in a looser fitting glove however I decided to drop down to a size 3mm and use Bendigo Rustic and this resulted in a tighter fitting glove. I also added a cabled lace pattern in the centre of the glove to add a bit of interest. Did I enjoy making them? Well put it this way, I wouldn't like to be making them everyday, the fingers are a bit of a pain in the bum and they are quite time consuming. I can see why 99% of gloves available for sale at Etsy are fingerless, they are much quicker and easier to make. At least these are knit in the round, even the fingers so there are no seams to sew.

The brown ones are available for sale in my shop but the second pair are on their way to the US, apparently it is getting a little bit chilly in some parts of the world right now.

Of course there have been hats made and these two are the latest, the first one is a customer order for an aviator hat with thicker tassles than my usual and a pom pom.

There have also been quite a few orders for different coloured flapper hats and this is one of the latest ones which I love. The customer chose the colours and it really was a great choice.

Till next time, happy knitting.


Leeanne said...

Your gloves look nice and warm, like your white hat too.

Ann said...

The gloves are lovely - I have not knitted gloved before as I was worried about the fingers. Thanks for confirming my fears - now I know I won't be knitting them. The hats are lovely too & business seems to be good for you!

Becky said...

I'd love to be able to knit gloves - sadly no call for them here in the heat - it's cooling down now though - only 30 degrees C today !

Sharon - I was wondering, some time ago I remember reading about your search for pony pearl dpn's. The sock knitting bug has hit me hard and I was looking for something a bit unusual for Christmas and thought these might be just the thing. Where did you end up getting yours from if you don't mind me asking - I'm having terrible trouble finding them anywhere ?

Take care
Becky x

zippiknits said...

Heavens! Such cute gloves. Now we see what you've been up to, besides hats that is.

In a couple weeks, I'm starting a new pair for my daughters, who like short fingered gloves. They mostly wear them indoors, trying to save on the heating bills. :-)

2paw said...

Lovely glovelies! They do require just that extra bit of effort, but they look great and I love the no-seams!! Nice hats too, love the long plaits on the cramy white one!!!
It is too hot for hats, a scarf or gloves- 28 tomorrow!!!

Larjmarj said...

Right you are!! It is getting pretty darn chilly here in the states, at least in Michigan. We are having our usual lovely November combo of rain and sleet. Will there be a pattern available for the gloves :-) ?

femputer said...

that aviator hat is gorgeous!

Melinda said...

Beautiful glove pattern and lovely colours!

knitseashore said...

I love seeing all the different color combinations of your flapper hats!

Kylie said...

I have to say I always enjoy looking at your hat's.