Monday, April 21, 2008

The Latest Knits

Well lack of posting on the blog means one thing, lots of knitting being created. I have been getting quite a few orders at Shazzas Knits which has certainly been keeping me busy. I have started my new job as co-ordinator of the uniform shop at my kids school which like anything new is taking time to learn the ropes. Janelle is also in the process of getting braces on her teeth, at the moment she has an expander fitted to allow room for her teeth to fit when the braces go on next month. I have included some of the latest completed knitting projects, they were all a lot of fun to knit especially Janelles slippers which I have had to coax from her feet to take the photo. The pattern was from an old Patons Nic Nacks book full of lovely 'grandma knits' as I call them but the slippers were given a Shazzas makeover using Patons Inca and I added a shell crochet border, just had to use this new learnt skill somewhere!

Flapper Style Hat for a baby:

Grape Purl Beret:

Two Kids Aviator Hats:

Janelles Slippers:

That's about it till next time, happy knitting.


2paw said...

Wow you have been busy and I love the first hat!! You are so brave and confident now with your crocheting. How amusing that Janelle had to have her sleppers gragged from her!!!

amanda j said...

Never mind about the absence! You are still in my thoughts!!

What a gorgeous green hat! I absolutely love it. Great that the shop is keeping you so busy.

Leeanne said...

Hey I like your green baby flapper hat. too cute.

Lynne said...

They're all beautiful but I just love the colour and look of the beret!

Ann said...

Glad to know that business is good. I love the slippers & they look so warm & soft. Happy knitting.

mrsdrwho said...

Uniform Shop eh...that should be and new and interesting addition to your mental health.
You are a knitting machine !!! My mum uses to knit us slippers like that when we were kids.She used carpet wool which was really really thick and scratchy until you wore them in and they lasted for years!!!