Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

Found this recipe in The Real Living Magazine and knew they had to be the Easter treat this year! Disgustingly sweet but oh so yummy!

They look lovely displayed on my 3 tier cake stand made by Tea Jennys using upcycled vintage plates.


Tassie Rachel said...

Love your cake stand! Is that fairy floss as the nests?

2paw said...

I adore your plates!! Your cupcakes look just like the picture, well done. I reckon that is fancy schamncy fairy floss, I have had it on desserts when I've eaten out!

Sharon said...

2paw you are right it is Persian Fairy Floss.

I love how the plates aren't part of a set but they work so well together!

Ann said...

Looks so yummy & but too pretty to eat. Love your cake stand.