Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Project Bag

You may remember a previous post about this bag and how I just had to have one too, well here is my version of the Yurt Bag.

Here is the knitted base before felting

after felting

the knitted top piece which is left as is

I used Cleckheaton Vintage Hues #1269 and loved how it felted and the colours of it worked well with the sampler stitches used for the top of the bag. This is definately my new take everywhere WIP bag, it is the perfect size for needles and yarn. I have been inspired with the Vintage Hues felting properties to make some felted hats so stay tuned.

till next time, happy knitting.


Emma said...

Very useful little project bag. And Yurt's a funny word!

Ann said...

It looks great. I think I have to make one too - off to get some Cleakheaton.

Suzi said...

Wow it looks great! I can see why anyone would have to have one.

I like it.

Rachel said...

Wow, just love it! So where does "yurt" come from??? :-)

amanda j said...

Make sure you bring it to show off tomorrow! It's cute as! (Sorry, too much time with teenagers!)

Jan said...

Susie_m alerted me to your bag. Here's my take on it too. I'd been thinking for a while about doing something like this.

Jan's yurt bag.

Rachel: a yurt is a type of tent, sometimes Indian although they're known as tepees, also Mongolian, Tibetan. Easily portable but warm and comfortable. Lots of supporting poles and heavy material, furs etc drawn around them and gathered in at the apex.

crafty things said...

Great looking bag. Found your blog through the link you have in your madeit forum signature.