Saturday, May 31, 2008

Revisiting Swinging 60's London

My latest hat was inspired by a lovely old vintage 1960's crochet pattern, I tried to re-create the same look with knitting and Carnaby Street Cap is the end result. I used Patons Jet which I absolutely adore, so soft and the colours are wonderful. It is available for purchase from my Etsy shop and I will be adding some more over the next few weeks and of course I will always take special orders if you have a particular colour favourite.

Now onto another matter, Bendigo Woollen Mills Camille, am I the only person totally disappointed by the lack of fashionable winter colours in this range? Judging by discussions on Ravelry, I certainly am not. Anyone who was a knitter in the 1980's would remember these colours and yes they were the height of fashion then, but certainly not now! I sold off my 1980's stash complete with my batwinged, boat necked patterns many years ago and I do not wish to visit that era again, thank you. A quick walk through the citys shopping malls will show you that greys, blacks, browns are the staple winter colour but not one of these appeared in this range sadly. *off soapbox now*

till next time,
happy knitting.


Rachel said...

So so cute! Since I wasn't alive in the 60's (cough cough) I'll just take your word for it! LOL. Super cute!

amanda j said...

That is a lovely hat. I predict you will sell HEAPS of them!

2paw said...

How very Mary Quant of you!!! The hat is delightful even when you toss it at me!!
I am very sad there is a distict lack of green at the BWM.
Have a wonderful holiday 'away'!!!!

Larjmarj said...

Super Cute as always!

Ann said...

Lovely hat. I felt the same way when I received the shade card from Bendigo - who is deciding on these colors???? By the way, how many balls of Cleckheaton Vintage Hue did you use for your bag. I just love it & want to knit one. Thanks.

Leeanne said...

Hey cool 60's hat. I am looking for a baby's aviator hat, any ideas?