Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Have You Noticed That Most Knitters Cook

Yesterday we had our Stitch and Bitch meet-up and of course most of our conversation was knitting and knitting related topics but food, or cooking was another hot topic. Cindy and her Chocolate Dessert Cake, my kids are going to love her for that one and Cathy and her Old Fashioned Rhubarb Cake which I know that my Dad will adore. Thanks ladies for sharing your recipes, pop on over to their blogs if you would like to see why my mouth was watering yesterday.

Something else I discovered yesterday was that my stash definately needs enhancing, my pathetic little plastic crate is not a patch on the amounts of yarn my fellow members have. So today the postman bought some parcels so I can now add to my poor excuse for a stash some lovely yarn which I purchased from The Knitting Yarn Shop. Now this is listed as premium seconds yarn but it is pure wool and I can't fault its quality. I have purchased 1.35kgs of the 10ply airforce blue and 600gms of the variegated 8ply in olive green which is absolutely beautiful and the photo does not do this lovely yarn justice, all for a very reasonable $49.50 including postage, what a bargain.

I am still waiting for the Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed to arrive so that I can knit the very popular Ribby it is apparently on its way so hopefully it will arrive soon. I probably wont start it this year now as it is starting to warm up a little but hey I do live in Tassie!!


Katt said...

Oooooh the yarn turned up fast didnt it? I am so jealous!

Suzi and I had a look there yesterday and she has a bit of new stuff since I was there last.

The premium seconds arent seconds at all...apart from having no bands and may not be regular sized balls.

I want to buy some yarn now! lol


Cathy said...

I don't know who's the worst influence in our little S'n'B group.

I've just been to the knitting yarn shop and ordered about $45 worth of yarn. I ordered some pretty wine zest and also some 8 ply pure wool.

The poor old mastercard groans again.


Katt said...

I forgot to say yes I think knitting and cooking go hand in hand. I use to do a lot of cooking to sell in the CWA shop last year.


2paw said...

Ah, what sage counsel. I think it is the creating something out of a raw(ish) product. When I don't feel well, or I am cross I often cook - I find it very soothing, and the same with knitting : there is something magical about ingredients becoming a cake and a ball of yarn becoming whatever it becomes!!! I will certainly bring the book along - you will laugh, you will cry, yet you may still want to knit something from it - I do!!!!

Michelle said...

every knitter can cook but not all can cook can knit... i making sense?? haha


Becky said...

Sharon - thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I love knitting baby bits mainly because they knit up so quickly and you can really go to town with the colours - I like bright colours a lot and most adults aren't interested in them, so I can force them on children ! Your new yarn looks lovely - I really hope you like the stuff I have sent to you - it looked very nice indeed to me.

jacqueline said...

i love that yarn you have bought! it is just gorgeous and i can't wait to see what you create with it.

what colour did you end up buying for your ribby cardi?