Monday, October 31, 2005

Shimmer Shrug

Here is
Shimmer Shrug fromKnitty without me in it, I wasn't in a photo mood over the weekend, it is knitted in Bendigo Wool 5ply which I used double to achieve a worsted weight or 10ply depending on which part of the world you live in. I also shortened the sleeve length considerably, which I always have to do as I have short arms (and legs and body) but to me they could have been made even shorter, make note on pattern for next time. The best thing about this pattern was the sewing up or lack of more to the point, the only finishing was under the arms the rest was all knitted as you went, now that is my kind of knitting pattern.

Now you might recall I had a wonderful Secret Pal who spoilt me rotten during SP5, well of course we still keep in touch and the lovely Becky who lives in the UK was after some Cleckheaton baby patterns and asked me if I could be so kind as to send these over to her. Now as you may or may not know I LOVE Rowan yarn, but unfortunately in Australia it is so jolly expensive, so we decided to do a swap and I put my order in for some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in Rowdy which I intend to knit into some genuine tweed socks over summer when it is too hot to knit big things, but look she suprised me with some beautiful Hayfield Imperial Chenille in a lovely velvet brown colour. Thanks Becky for a lovely swap, I hope you enjoy your parcel too.

I have also finished something that is a BIG secret, my knitting group is doing a secret santa for Christmas so we all have a person within the group to knit something for and I finished my present over the weekend. SHHHHH don't tell anyone!!!


2paw said...

Oh, your shrug is so lovely. No sewing up, that's a dream patter!!! I will bring my scarf and you wear your shrug!!! Oh you are so lucky acquiring some Rowan!!! I wanted to knit a top in Calmer and it would cost $154!!! No way!! Bendigo Woollen Mill is having a sale though. I might have to buy a lot of green wool!!!

Katt said...

Oooh lovely yarn! That shrug is gorgeous too!

Hope you bring the yarn and shrug tomorrow :D


trek said...

Nice job. Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. What do you think?

Cathy said...

Lovely shrug and also lovely yarn. Can't wait for a lookie and a fondle tomorrow.


Becky said...

That shrug looks just lovely - how do you manage to knit so quickly !? Go on - post of picture of you in it.

I'm so glad you loved your yarn as much as I love my patterns - what a perfect international exchange that was - must do it again some time.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I would love to be in the secret pal thingy,what fun finding little things to send to a pal and the surprise that is returned!!!!better than penpals and yes I heve my sale card from Bendigo mills tooo.............Cathy