Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Doktorfisch Socks (Regal Tang)

Can you see a resemblance??? The yarn is part of the wildlife series put out by Opal in which they have produced lovely coloured yarns to represent different animals. If anyone has watched the movie 'Finding Nemo' Dory was this fish species but of the blue variety. Anyway with the weather being very humid and hot here recently, makes a change from Christmas when we had to have our electric heater on, sock knitting is about all I feel like doing. I will be taking them along to S'n'B today where we can knit in comfort as our meeting room is nice and cool, we now meet at the old Coats Patons building which is very appropriate as it used to be a thriving woollen mill up until the late 70's early 80's. Not quite sure exactly when it closed down but I can remember buying wool from there on my days off so it must have still been operating in the early 80's but in a much smaller capacity than in its heyday. Unfortunately the 80's were a decade where knitting was considered a very daggy thing to do and a hobby for the elderly only, and as such the woollen mills suffered because of this. Now a local church owns it and they have a cafe and hire out meeting rooms, our local op shop City Mission are also there temporarily after their building was destroyed by fire. So we can knit, eat, drink coffee and shop at the op shop while catching up with what everyone has been up to over the holidays today, sounds like a perfect combination to me.

Just a little footnote about the cricket, Australias captain Ricky Ponting comes from Launceston and as he has been in the news lately I thought a little bragging wouldn't hurt!!!


2paw said...

Oh what a lovely sock!! I can't wait till 1 o'clock to see it!!! I think it is too hot for anything but socks as well!!!

trek said...

Looks great! My DD loves Dory.

Michelle said...

that fish reminds me of dory from finding nemo!! nice socks!!!


JoanM said...

Your socks are beautifully knitted Sharon, and I love the yarn. Pity about the woollen mill. I heard that our wool exports are meant to be growing this year. (NO I'm not buy more even to help the country)
Boast away, I watch Leighton Hewitt and Darren Cahill as they grew up just around the street from us.

Shelley said...

Hi, it's Tabby2002 from Knitter's Review. Thought I'd stop in and say hello. Glad you were able to use the codes! I needed something easy for me as I'm not all that good at HTML, and the guy explained things so well.

The sock is gorgeous...I LOVE the colours!! Is that type of yarn expensive? I wonder if you can get it here in Canada...

Katt said...

Those socks look great!

I so wanna get some of the tiger one!

I remember going to Patons with my mother when I was younger. She use to get me some small batches of yarn to knit.