Friday, January 13, 2006

Why Leave Comments???

Katt got her 500th comment on her blog and as it was me who left it, I won this

So that is why you should always leave comments!!!! Thanks
Katt as I am a real chatterbox I find it hard not to leave comments, but this time it paid off see.

I am a chuffed little person this week, why? If you scroll down the sidebar of my blog, you will notice that I now have percentage bars that I have been admiring on everyone elses blogs lately. When I investigated further how to get them, I realised that I was way out of my depth and decided that 'SHAZZAS KNITS' just wouldn't have them *sigh* That was until I went on Knitters Review Forum and lo and behold some wonderful man, whose wife just happened to be a knitting blogger also wanted percentage bars and had realised that you needed some sort of degree in computing to work it all out, figured out an easy peasy html only way of making them for her and has shared it for all of us computer challenged knitters. There is a link in my sidebar for easy peasy percentage bars which goes to this guys site, so that you too can have them.

I must be off now as I am looking after my niece and nephew this morning so I had better go and get myself organised.


2paw said...

Your yarn prize is excellent and I read on the label in the shop that although it says 3 ply, it is 8ply. Those Septic Tanks!!!!
Wow!! Easy Peasy Percentage bars!!! Thank you, I neeeed some!!
No, I wasn't up all night - I have a small foot and dial up. Not many rows ( 34) till the toe in the foot and I knit furiously while I wait for pages to load!!
Have a nice rellie day!!
Love Cindy, Harki and Peri!!!

Shelley said...

Congrats on your yarn win!! I've used that yarn before, and it made a nice baby afghan.

I'm am so glad that I found the link to those percentage bars on someone's blog...that's where I got the link from and passed it on. That guy needs a holiday named after him lol!

Katt said...

Hey hun can you share with me that link to get an easy percentage bar? I have been eyeing them off too cos I would love to have one!

Glad you like the yarn! And with it being 170g its enough to make something thats not tiny. lol


Procrastiknitter said...

Thanks for the link! MWAH! You are the greatest!