Friday, August 12, 2005

Well Done Patons

I have been very critical in the past about Australian patterns being so far behind the current fashion trends but today I have to take my hat off to
Patons for coming out with Zhivago Summer Knits. The pictures are a sample of what is on offer and yes I come home from LYS with it in my hot little hand, dreaming of future projects.

On the knitting front I will finish the tweed wrap over the weekend, all going well that is, weekend plans can sometimes change at the drop of a hat but my plan is to finish the wrap and then work some more on the squirrel jacket. I did buy more yarn from LYS, bad girl I am, but I am not starting anything new until I finish the jacket for Ashley otherwise winter will be over. It has been snowing in Hobart and some of the schools were closed, it is very cold here at the moment, our woodheater (yes I am one of those terrible people adding to Launcestons smoke problem) usually heats up our whole house but this morning I had to put the column heater in the hallway to heat up the bedrooms. The spammers have left me alone, I ended up with five in one day and the last one was crude, makes you wonder if it is the same person, whoever they are they definately need to get a life.


2paw said...

Oh, I love some of the things and they have a nice green too!! I have to have tea and cake with a friend tonight, but I might have to pop into the LYS first, like, right now!!!! I don't think I'm dreaming, I might have to have one straight away!!! Spammers are awful, I closed the comments on my old blog as there were a bazillion comments from them. As if I want what they want me to have!!!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

kittensmittens said...

I've been getting behind a bit on my blog reading. Sorry to hear about the spam problems, that kinda sucks. (but Joan getting the uni degree spam made me laugh, i've gotten those as e-mails, they are funny)

But, the green blue purple thing looks great. Love the colors. And you have a cool patterns source now. That is the universe apologizing for the spam.

Anonymous said...

I love those patterns - you are definately going to have good fun with those. I can't wait to see your finished wrap and I'm sure the squirrel jacket will be done in no time.


Rachael said...

I am finding it very difficult to get hold of the Patons books that I would like. This is one of them. the other is the Patonlye book(1239). Do you buy them from your LYS? do they mail order? It would be good if you could buy them direct from Patons, local distributors here in Brisbane are few and far between and are hit and miss anyway! BTW, what cheek those pesky spammers have. Wouldn't it be good if you could get them back? (is that too bitter and twisted of me?)

Katt said...

Oooh that pattern book does look good! Man I might have to go look it up! lol.


the stripey tiger said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for your birthday wishes! Did I tell you that I am a Sharon too? I've been impressed with te patons patterns too lately - Even thought about buying a pattern book - cheaper than Rowan books!!. PS thanks for your washer/baby blanket pattern - its next on my list!! :-) Stripey

melissa said...

sharon ...i love your wrap .
i havent seen that zhivago book yet but i now think i'll have to go looking... glad its not just me who is noticing a slow slow improvement in aussie knit books .

Donna said...

I went to my local spotlight today, they don't have the silly book, an ddon't know when they'll get it! I detest spotlight!