Friday, May 19, 2006

Let It Be

I am up to the shaping of the armholes which is why there is a box of matches pictured with Janelles lacy jumper, I have been very tempted to burn the thing!!!. You have to be so careful with this pattern while shaping and I have mentioned many times how I have a love/hate relationship with lace knitting, I am definately going through a hate stage at the moment.

I went out last night to the Princess Theatre to watch Let It Be, a concert of Beatles songs performed by John Waters, Christine Anu, Leo Sayer and Rick Price together with an extremely talented group of musicians. On the whole this was a very entertaining concert except for one thing, now reading through the list of singers above there is one name that stands out as being the most successful, maybe even the most popular and definately the most well known. Leo Sayer was a very popular entertainer both here and in the UK during the 1970's so you would consider him to be a professional, yes?? No think again, this little guy who granted is a fabulous entertainer and showman and knows how to work the stage, had to constantly keep reading the lyrics as he sang and a few times completely forgot the words. Leo please learn the songs as most of your audience know them word for word!!!

Thanks to Fitknit I am currently reading the Yarn Harlots Secret Life of a Knitter, I am loving it. She is so honest and she could be speaking about any of us as she talks about the joy and the frustrations that our wonderful craft brings. Hmmmmm that lacy jumper is springing to mind here, anyhow it really is refreshing to hear of a knitting 'guru' speak so honestly.

Have a great weekend and happy knitting xx


2paw said...

Sounds like a great show - very big shame about Leo - maybe he has had a few too many 'long tall glasses' in his lifetime and ruined his memory!! Did you take your Beatles bag???
Yes, lace shaping is boogelly - I like each side to be symmetrical, with the lace pattern matching exactly AND you have to have the right number of stitches too!!

Donna said...

The sock yarn hasn't made it yet? Hopefully it will be there today :)

Fifi said...

I have to admit, I've never heard of this Leo guy!

That's a beautiful pattern you're working on. I am in awe at how fast you knit!!

Katt said...

Jumper is getting there. I am worried about doing knitware with lace and decrease now! And I have a gorgeous cardigan I want to make Harley for spring/summer! lol

Cant believe Leo didnt know the words! Not very professional!


fitknit said...

Hey Sharon,
glad you're enjoying the book. The Leo thing - when we lived in Geelong, we used to get heaps of shows starting there that were really dry runs, even though we paid full price. I wonder if they've done that to you in Tassie? We often heard actors like Lorraine Bailey being fed a line.

amanda j said...

The jumper is looking absolutely lovely. How can anyone not know the words? That is incredible. Live shows are the best though, aren't they?

Knittinreed said...

Sounds like fun even tho Leo dropped the ball! The lace jumper looks amazing!