Monday, May 01, 2006

A Meme

Before I begin anything today, I must make mention of the miracle that has happened at Beaconsfield, a small country town 40 minutes from Launceston. On Tuesday three miners were trapped underground at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine and on Thursday one of the mens bodies were recovered, fearing the worst we all assumed that it was only a matter of time before the bodies of the other two men were discovered. However last night at around 7.30 news broke that contact had been made and that they were in fact still alive. It is still an agonising wait for their families as they are rescued which may not be till this afternoon according to reports.

The lovely KATT has tagged me with an interesting little meme.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
I am so thankful to be alive and love my life and can't think of anything else that could top what I have or do now.

Seven Four Things I Cannot Do:
1. Crochet
2. Say no to chocolate, red wine or any yummy food really
3. be a neat freak, 3 children and a husband make sure of that!!
4. go a day without knitting, honestly I can't

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man:
1. his kindness
2. his generosity
3. his easy going personality
4. his blue eyes
5. his hard work ethic, he will work even when he is unwell
6. his acceptance of my knitting obsession, his mother was one too that helps
7. I love MOST things about him, but he is a male after all he does have flaws!!!

Seven Five Books I Love:
1. Knitting books
2. Nigella Lawson cookbooks
3. Delicious magazines, not exactly books but I love them
4. All the Rivers Run
5. Autobiographies on famous people

Seven Things I Say:
1. cool
2. far out
3. bloody, I know it is a bad habit
4. stop it, to the kids constantly
5. what shall I cook for tea
6. when I finish my row
7. can I take my knitting

Seven Movies I've Loved:
This one is hard for me to answer as I used to work in a video wholesaler and part of my job was to watch all the new release movies, so I have watched hundreds of movies and when I have to list my favourites I always find I end up missing out a favourite. I can say that the old classics usually win hands down together with comedies.

Now with these things you are supposed to tag others, but I have decided that as I don't do chain letters, that I wont tag others with this also. Don't get me wrong I love answering them but I HATE tagging others, but if you want to run with it feel free.

A knitting update later, blogger is not playing nicely this morning and wont let me post my photos!!!


Shelley said...

I've done this one in the past as well, maybe a month or so ago (can't recall now). I have tagged a few people with these in the past, but generally I don't like doing that unless I know the others don't mind doing them.

amanda j said...

Thank goodness those two miners are alive. My reaction was such that Little Purl thought I had thrown up on the couch. Not sure how I feel about the media camping there. Do we really need Mel and Kochie in people's faces?

2paw said...

I was on the phone with my Mum when Rachel Fisher interrupted the end of the news on the ABC. I am amazed at their survival. It is wonderful!! I wish the commercial media circus would go home too. The ABC seems to be respectful - all Mike Munro wanted to know is when he could interview them : very bad show....
Love your meme. I don't do tagging much - I'm usually at the end of the line!!!

JoanM said...

I think all of Australia has been watching the mine drama. HOpe they are ok when they get out.

I think I say "What will we have for tea?" every day. Its not that I don't want to cook, I just hate deciding what to cook

Michelle said...

so glad the miners are alive. just hope that they will be rescued soon. it's been days.

knitting wise...i've been lazy lately...eeks!!


Cathy said...

The news media has been shocking in the Beaconsfield Mine accident.

This is not Hollywood. It's little old Tassie.

We watch a bit of TDT (Channel 10) and they've been very respectful to the families of the trapped miners.


fitknit said...

We are keeping everything crossed for the miners and hope they are rescued ASAP. All of the people involved are so brave I hope their ordeal is over soon.

Procrastiknitter said...

So happy to hear about the miners! Sending prayers and positive thoughts to the one that passed away.

So glad that it's not just me that Blogger is being mean to!

sillyewe said...

Wow!!! I just found you through Shelley's blog. Very nice blog! I am in the States in Texas, but have actuallt backpacked Tazzie and LOVED it!!!! Loved Launceston. !!!! LOVED AUSTRALIA!!!!!! :0)

craftybernie said...

Hi - Just to let you know that I finally did this yesterday. I found it quite hard actually. But if you fancy a gander, it's on my blog.

Best wishes...Bernie