Monday, June 06, 2005

What Have I Been Up To?

Yes I have been a bit quiet on the blogging side of things, both posting and reading my favourites. I always take a couple of days to catch up when I come home from a few days away. Yes Melbourne was great, ran out of shopping time though as the main purpose for the trip was a camp at Mt. Evelyn which is hour and 1/2 train trip from Melbourne CBD. Did get to the markets which were just great oh if only we had that much choice here in Tassie, I bought back some soup mix which is nothing like the packet you buy from the supermarket. Cheap clothes, kids toys (some of it crap, but at least it is cheap crap) but it was the choice of fresh fruit and vegetables that I couln't get over. So if you live in Melbourne you are sooooo lucky.

So after catching up with the washing and catching up on some sleep I finally started to knit again. Five days straight with not a single bit of knitting I was starting to shake let me tell you. Still working on bed jacket (which isn't a bed jacket??), socks and SILs jumper, in no particular order. Our church has many mission projects they support and one of them is an orphanage in Myanmar(used to be known as Burma) and we were asked to supply them with much needed beanies as the temperature drops considerably overnight. As I have a bit of a reputation as being 'a knitting guru' not for my knitting skills but for the fact that when hardly anyone knitted anymore, under the age of 70 'Shazza' was always knitting away and then when it became popular again and all the young ones wanted to learn or simply ask "what do I use to make this" they came to me. So I thought I had better contribute a couple of my 'creations', as I didn't finish sewing up the last one late Saturday night I don't have any pics to show but they were nice thick warm ones, using a Jo Sharp pattern from her Knitting Bohemia book called bramble hat, using 2 strands of 8ply and knitted on 6.50mm needles, very quick knitting.

The kids are on holidays at the moment so that is a bit busier than normal, how you soon get used to peace and quiet when they are all off to school full time. Lucky I can lose myself in my knitting which is what I am going to go and do now, till next time, happy knitting.


Katt said...

Mmmm I know having Harley home 24/7 is starting to drive me nuts! lol

Have you checked the Evendale Market of late? We were out there yesterday. There is some good veggies for sale out there at the moment. And HEAPS of jams/marmalades.

Glad to hear you made it back from Melbourne safe.


Suzi said...

Your trip to Melbourne sounds fun! I know when I visited Melboourne and visited one of the local markerts I was quite impressed with the choices available. It's a shame there's not such a variety here.

A knitting guru? I never realised we had one among us, we'll have to add it to our SNB fyers.
"Come meet the great knitting guru!
Be Amazed and Inspired by her Clapper!"


2paw said...

Dear Sharon, yes you have to pay for typepad, it is about $60 a year Australian, but I am a bit of a Luddite and it has lots of feature already set, like lists, that I can't do myself. I am on the 30 days free trial, but I am 90-95% sure I will sign up to stay.
Did you shop for wool in Melbourne? I am addicted to looking at the wool on shops' sites. So many different kinds, so little money!!!!

Sharon said...

Oh Suzi, their words, definately not mine, could get some interest on the clapper maybe,(like what do they do at these meetings!!!) and 2paw, thanks for that, I am a real novice when it comes to all this blogging stuff, have learnt a lot along the way, however there is a saying you get what you pay for and sometimes it is worth paying a little to get the results you want.