Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Pair Of Socks

Another pair of opal socks completed, I have lost count how many of these I have made and given away as presents. My friend was very appreciative of hers especially as she used to knit, until cross stitch took over, and she at least understands that these little babies aren't whipped up in a few hours. Now I am going to finish some UFOs that are hanging around taking up room in my knitting basket.

Now onto a completely different subject, the kids have all left for school and I am in an extremely bad mood so I will let off steam here, I do so much running around for them, taking them here picking them up from there and I seem to be constantly tidying up after them and when I finally 'spit it' because of their behaviour of a morning, they all walk out the door as if I am the biggest bitch that ever lived, can you believe it?? Janelle is an early riser and therefore is ready way before her brothers and then she seems to delight in antagonising them while they are trying to get ready and they of course have to bite back and then there is this huge fight happening. I know this happens in households everywhere and it is the end of the year and we are all ready for a holiday but I am still pissed off just the same!!!

Now I am going to go and have a very strong cup of coffee and knit a few rows, there is nothing like knitting and coffee to calm the soul.


2paw said...

Lovely socks!! Lucky Friend!! Gorgeous Label!! How cool is that?? I want a label now too!! I am such a copycat.
Everyone is getting very end-of-termly everywhere. It is just the way of families. My sister and I get on quite well now, but when we were young - hooley dooley!!
Have a lovely cuppa and a good knit!!

Katt said...

They are lovely socks! Very nice. And I agree gorgeous label.

I think everyone is getting restless this time of year.


2paw said...

Re the Delicious Magazine : it is Australia Post. I posted a letter that took a 10 working days to get to the mainland. My magazines are ALWAYS late - all of my subscriptions. I am thinking of not subscribing to some again. The savings are paltry and not worth all the angst!!! Hope you are feeling better. I am embroidering and playing with the Labradors whether I like it or not!!!

delina said...

Speaking from the perspective of the 'kid'... I think it's just a case of going "grrrr" and putting up with it. If my brothers and I are any guide, they will grow out of it - my brother and I used to go daggers and claws at each other all the time, and now we all get along very well.

Good luck anyway - and they are beautiful socks!

Ada said...

Great looking Socks..Now if you ever need help to get a % bar up and running on your blog just email me and i'll help you with it.

Cathy said...

I sympathize with you about kids in the morning as I have 3 that are absolute monsters in the morning to get up and out the door at the moment.

I think it's just the end of year syndrome.