Friday, November 11, 2005

Bendigo Woollen Mills Are Having A Sale

Bendigo Woollen Mills are having a sale and the big bargain buy would be the huge 25% off 8ply Classic a 100% machine washable pure wool,a 200 gram ball is now available for only $8.00. So yes as you can see my stash has been enhanced and as the sale doesn't end until 16th December there will be plenty of time to place another order I am sure. Janelle would like one of those trendy aviator hats so that is what I have in mind to do make with this wool.

On the knitting front I am still knitting the hackey sacks and I am up to the heel on the second sock for my friends birthday, I hope to have the socks finished this weekend but as usual around here our weekends are quite hectic and what I have planned and what actually happens are two entirely different matters.


2paw said...

Aren't sales lovely?? I will bring my green wool on Tuesday for you to see!!! What is an aviator hat? Does it have earflaps and is it lined with fur like in the olden WWI days?? I am so not cool and trendy!!!

Katt said...

Ooooh is that Bendigo HOT PINK I see there in the top row?!?! I so love that colour!! I have to frog the jumper I made Harley and remake something out of it.

I so have to fail my yarn diet and buy some Bendigo yarn! I do love that stuff. Just have to find where Adam hit my orderform (actually I put it down somewhere and who knows where it is now).


Michelle said...

wow!! those colours you bought are really lovely!! especially those purple/lilac colours!! yummy!!


JoanM said...

Hey Sharon,
I'm still suffering non knit and non blogitis. I have reviewed my stash and I am going to knit from it ha ha. Please don't mention sales from Bendigo. Not fair.
I am sorry your cat went away. I am sure you will miss her