Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hackey Sacks

The kids school fair is coming up and Ashley is entering the peddlars parade, he is not quite sure what he wants to go as but he knows what he wants to sell, hackey sacks. Sure I said and went on a search for free patterns, there were a few for balls and bean bags so I knitted quite a few unsuccessful samples

So after scrapping all the samples I decided to sit down and together with the kids help who knew exactly the shape and size needed I started experimenting and finally ended up with these.

I used 8ply yarn from my leftover stash pile and knitted them on 3mm needles, and they are stuffed with bear pellets which I purchased from a craft store. The increase rows require a bit of patience but once they are done it is all garter stitch, oh and one more thing I wouldn't knit these on plastic needles that might easily break as there seems to be a fair bit of strain on the needles, I used my trusty old tortoise shells. The fair isn't until the 18th of this month so I still have a little bit of time left to make some more, I am also working on another pair of opal socks for a friends birthday on the 22nd, nothing like deadlines to push me to finish things. Anyway I have written the pattern out so if you need to make something quick and easy for fairs or for something to make as stocking fillers for Christmas you can find it here or there is a link in the side bar. Any questions, feel free to ask away.


trek said...

Hey, those are cute!

Katt said...

Yours look really good!! If I had the time I would make some of those for the EVIL MILS market. As it is I am not going. I have a date in town with DPF now ;) Yet to tell the evil one