Monday, November 07, 2005

Deloraine Craft Fair

Each long weekend in November, Deloraine hosts a craft fair which by Tasmanian standards is HUGE, this year there were 14 venues scattered throughout this small country town with hundreds of exhibitors displaying and selling their wares. As Cindy mentioned on her blog each year there is one craft that seems to dominate, this year it had to be beads, they were everywhere, in bracelets, necklaces, rings, just about every possible way there is to use beads. As a knitter who only dabbles in craftwork of any other kind my eyes are constantly searching for knitting or anything related to knitting, once again I was disappointed that this area is lacking. There was a stand selling beanies and scarves but they were your very predictable styles and colours and Flinders Island Fleece had their knitting yarn for sale. I did however stumle across this:

This was on a stall which had handmade handbags and silk scarves and in the corner in a basket was some hand dyed pure wool that this crafty lady had dyed herself, there is 150grams in this hank,I am not a pink person usually but this looked yummy enough to eat and I will wear pink when teamed with black but as Janelle is definately a pink girl she will probably get something made from it. If I had no other commitments I would definately have a stall there and display 'modern knitting' in bright colours not so much to sell my wares but to let the 30,000 people who pass through this fair over the four days that knitting has definately changed and that you are only limited by your imagination and that knitting is definately more than plain old beanies and scarves. A girl can dream can't she!!!!

Unfortunately she is still missing so I think we can assume she is not coming back, thanks to all the lovely comments that everyone left regarding her.

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Katt said...

I am so sorry to hear that Tabby hasnt returned :(

Ooooh I so wanted to go to the Deloraine Fair this year. We went several years ago when Shell was a baby.

I am with you. I would love to have a knitting stall there. Maybe us S'n'B girls need to get together and have one all together next year? With all of us we should be able to pool our time to pull off all the days it runs over. Also to get a lot of knitting done.