Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hats, Hats And More Hats

Janelle has asked me to knit her one of those trendy little avaiator hats that were all the rage last winter, I have already knitted one in pink tones for an auction last year which unfortunately I never got around to taking a picture of before it had to be delivered, I was on a bit of a deadline with that one. She wanted aqua green tones and I ordered the wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills during their sale, it is machine washable pure wool. The pattern was a freebie from a knitting site here in Australia called Ozyarn (not to be confused with Ozeyarn) which is no longer operating, I'm not sure if this pattern exists elsewhere.

As the heading for this post suggests I have been knitting hats and nothing else but hats for the last few days. I made some more MUSE HATS as our S'n'B group are holding a market this Saturday. I have also been asked to knit a beanie for someone which is finished I just have to sew it up.

We had a long weekend here and also my kids had a student free day yesterday, which has really put a HUGE dent in my week. Normally that wouldn't be such a problem but I am going away with my GEMS girls group on camp this weekend so I have 3 days to get organised for that and of course make sure everythings up to date on the homefront.

It is the worst possible weekend to be going away as there is so much on that I have to miss out on, the Saturday market, the WWW sock festival, my sisters hens night (that might not be such a bad thing!!!) and to top it off I have to vote as the pollys decided to hold an election here in Tasmania. So today I have to go and organise a postal vote so it is safe to say that you probably wont be hearing from me either here or via your blogs until next week. I can at least take my knitting to camp, and will definately need the relaxation and calming effect that it provides.


fitknit said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend and get some knitting done.

Love the hats - the pink one is a cutie.

2paw said...

Hats off to you!! Love the aviator hat and the other muse hats too. Have a great weekend!!
Cole's Funny Picture Books - we had them at home, they were full of optical illusions and jokes and picture puzzles!!!!!

JoanM said...

My neice has ordered a beret so I'll be doing hats too. have a good weekend

trek said...

Cool hats! Have fun on the trip.

Wool Winder said...

Great hats! I never seen to get tired of knitting hats because there are so many ways to change them up.

Katt said...

I so am not ready for this weekends market. I havent done enough knitting.

Have a great weekend.

Could you possibly email me a copy of that aviator hat? I would love to knit one for Harley. She would look so cute in it and I didnt save it when Ozyarn was still around.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I love the hat, I think I have seen it elswhere, Creative knitting? one of the early editions, if I can't find it can you post the pattern on your Blog?
And enjoy your 'knitting weekend'..........

Suzi said...

Ah, well it's probably better this market is post poned a week. It gives everybdoy a chance to knit more!

I got the message, MSN isn't playing nice so I haven't replied yet.