Friday, January 21, 2005

I Can Knit All Day

I love the tennis when it is on because I don't feel so guilty when I sit down and knit all day. Just have to keep an eye on all the games you know. I hope to get the main part of the rug finished today and then I will concentrate on the trim. It is going to be quite warm today so it is a good excuse to stay inside. Yes it does get warm in Tasmania, sometimes, if you happened to watch the cricket the other day you might think that it is always like that here. The kids are watching one of their favourite shows on tv at the moment so it is quiet so I can actually get this done in peace.

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Katt said...

I prefer the mens tennis to the womens. I cant stand the grunting noise most the women make. I know some the men do it too but in a deeper tone and its not as annoying