Sunday, January 30, 2005

Patons Classic Merino Wool?

I have got the latest vogue knitting magazine and just love the poncho pattern, it is knitted in Patons classic merino wool. I am wondering what equivalent is available here in Australia. I looked it up on the net and the tension given was 20sts = 10cm on 4.25mm needles. The pattern is knitted on 4.5mm with a tension of 28 sts = 10cm in cable pattern. If anybody knows anything about PCMW leave a message. Also if anyone has a US wool store they can recommend I would love to know of any. I have bought wool from overseas before but they charge $35 US postage which is way to expensive if you haven't got anyone to share the postage with. I have wondered if Bendigo Aran knits up similar, the tension for that is 19sts = 10cm on 4.5mm needles.

I have spent today on opal#7, and I am up to the foot. I will be watching the tennis tonight (go Lleyton) so hope to get it pretty well finished.


Suzi said...

Hey Sharon!

I'm not sure about US based stores but I know the Melbourne contingent of SNB'ers rave over but I think they may be based in Canada.
They did mention a US based seller who has an ebay shop and she comes reccommended from a number of them.
I ahven't been to check her out yet, lead myself not into temptation but she apprently has some great specials and will sometimes waive postage.


Suzi said...

Me again, I forgot to ask about the new Vogue. I saw and bought their new Knit 1 magazine but I haven't seen the latest issue of their normal knit mag. Is this the issue that has a flower basket bag everyone's on about?


Katt said...

hey Sharon!
Mmmmm if your tension is a little out in the favour of the Bendigo yarn (meaning if you tension would make it up to the 20stitches) then I say go for it. Then again a lot of patterns I have come across says Tension isnt as important..So maybe if the pattern says that you can go for the Bendigo?

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Felting was actually easy..I put the bag back into the machine today and shrank it some more.