Monday, April 11, 2005

Finished Items

Below are the photos, as promised, of the finished Bluebell 5ply Top and the scarf hat for Dulaan. Hayden was the only one of my children willing to model it, the others must take after me because I don't like having my photo taken either, but I relented for the sake of showing off the top to my adoring public ha ha ha. As I had to get the edge crocheted at my LYS it took a while to get back so I didn't think that I would get a chance to wear it till next summer, but over the weekend we had a spell of hot weather. Today I am going into LYS to see if I can match up wool for MILs jumper, for it is sitting their 3/4 finished and I want it out of my knitting basket. As you know I like to work on a couple of things, usually an easy project and one that I need to concentrate on, so I started a pair of opal socks on the weekend as well as a feather and fan shawl. The shawl is knitted in hand dyed yarn from Ozeyarn and is quite a simple pattern with only 1 row needing a bit of concentration, the only problem is the yarn makes my hands blue when working with it :(

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