Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've Pulled A Muscle

I like to keep fit so I aim to walk at least three times a week and I play indoor netball once a week, but tonight we had only been playing for about 5 minutes and I pulled a muscle in my calf. Now my calf muscles aren't tiny let me tell you so there is a decent amount there to pull. So I am hobbling around at the moment and I know the best thing for this is rest, and as all knitters know rest is wonderful because we can sit down and put our feet up and KNIT. And to top it all off I am getting a new 'knitting chair' for mothers day, which all going well DH is picking up for me tomorrow. We have this lounge suite that belonged to my in-laws which is nice but as they had it made especially for them it is BIG. Dutch people are so big and as I am only 5 foot 2 or 159cms I cannot get comfortable in my chair so I put my order in for a little persons chair, one that I don't need to stuff with pillows so my feet can touch the floor. So tomorrow I will be sitting in my new chair and knitting (resting my leg of course)aaaaahhhhhh life is pretty sweet.

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Katt said...

Oh poor Sharon!! Though...as a bonus you can make everyone else do everything while you sit and knit! lol..Make the most of it ;)

Rest up well..See you Tuesday at the meeting!