Thursday, February 10, 2005

I've Been Tagged!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Suzi I have been tagged, I have been reading a lot of these on other peoples blogs and am amazed at all the different music tastes out there, anyway heres mine:

1.TOTAL AMOUNT OF MUSIC FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER: As I am a real newbie to computers I have to say I have none and don't know anything about that sort of thing, OK, you can stop laughing now.

2.THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT WAS: I bought Casey Donovans, I really dig chic singers with attitude and who don't look like bloody Britney Spears, plllease. Plus this girl for 16 yo can really, really sing.

3.WHAT IS THE LAST SONG YOU HEARD BEFORE WRITING THIS MESSAGE: Janelle is outside stringing beads and listening to the radio and Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings was playing. Which just happens to be one of my many fave songs.

1-Something by the Beatles (one of George Harrisons) He wrote that for his then wife Patti, it is a simple but beautiful love song.
2-Days by The Kinks, I played this song a kzillion times when my Mum died, to me it summed up what she meant to me and what she did for me. I still cry when I play it but I love the song.
3-Women Is Losers by Janis Joplin, once again it is that kick arse chic rock thing and this lady could rock with the best of them.
4-Smells Like Teen Spirit, I like my music loud and raunchy and this was a song that came out at a time when there were a lot of boy band crap, and Michael Jackson stuff around, need I say anymore.
5-Reason To Believe by Rod Stewart, it is one of his lesser known songs but I reckon, one of his better ones.

5. WHO WILL YOU PASS THE TORCH ON TO (3 PEOPLE) AND WHY? well this is a tough one because as I said I am a newbie, and I don't know anyone who hasn't been tagged so I will say feel free to take this on from me if you happen to stumble across this and do it on you own blog.


Katt said...

Hey Sharon! you know how you said you hunted down a hotwater bottle cover and ended up buying a Rowan book..Was that one Rowan Book 28? If so would it be possible for you to bring it to the next S'n'B meeting? Cos I have looked over it online and there are some patterns I am interested in..If you want I can bring my Rowan copies (not originals) of kids patterns and accessories for you to go through?


Jane said...

Hi, Sharon.. I read your music list and considered myself tagged - that's one down & two to go..{g}