Monday, February 14, 2005

School's Back (sigh)

I have mixed feelings when school goes back, in one way I get my peace and quiet back, but I miss them like crazy and wish they were home. They started a new school today and Janelle started high school. They were fine about it all and couldn't wait to get there. Because we were away for the weekend I just wanted to spend some time with them but they were busy getting ready so I'm sure we will catch up when they come home. They will have so much to tell me. I have got the music on to take away this quietness. It won't take long and I will be loving being on my own again during the day. I have to do some knitting because I haven't done any since I left on Friday, that would just about be a record for me.

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Katt said...

Harley starts school on Thursday. Have to get her paint smock, pencil case, school hat and Adams mother is suppose to be getting her a new uniform but who the hell knows with that! I tried contacting her but got nothing.
I am looking forward to it. She is driving me spare, Rachelle is more quiet so will be eaiser with just her. I dont know how I will cope when Shelly starts school!